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Patent Law






If you are an inventor who has an idea that needs to be protected, I am a patent attorney who can assist you in obtaining a patent for that idea. Obtaining a patent grants you the right to exclude others from making, using, offering for sale, or selling the invention throughout the United States or importing the invention into the United States. The Patent Office gives you that right in exchange for your public disclosure of the invention in the patent that is granted.

There are several types of patents:

  • Utility Patent
  • Design Patent
  • Plant Patent

For  a utility patent, your idea may fall under either of the following categories:

  • Process
  • Machine
  • Article of manufacture
  • Composition of matter
  • Improvement of any of the above.

In order to obtain a patent on your idea, it must satisfy all of the following legal standards:

  • Novelty
  • Nonobviousness
  • Enablement
  • Written Description
  • Best Mode

In addition, in order to have a valuable patent, the claims must be drafted broad enough so that it covers any work-around, and it must be narrow enough to the extent that it is not anticipated by the prior art. Despite the technical skill required to effectively draft a quality patent application, achieving the desired objectives is an art form.

I offer the following services:

  • Preparing and filing a provisional patent application for your idea.
  • preparing, filing, and prosecuting an utility patent application for your idea.
  • Preparing a design patent application for your idea.
  • Performing IP due diligence.
  • Preparing infringement and non-infringement opinions.
  • Performing a patent search and issuing a patentability opinion.