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Music Law

From the rapper to the R &B artist to the songwriter, to name a few, the music industry is rich with many creative individuals whose creative works deserve protection from an infringer.  Often times, the time and energy these creative individuals spend on creating their works distracts them from protecting their works. Sadly, the unwary ends up being the victim of a lurking infringer whose goal is to profit from the creative musical works of another. This typically results in pecuniary loss to the creator of the musical works.

In other cases, a recording ¬†artist is in the midst of negotiating a recording contract or licensing his or her creative work to a third party. More often than not, the musical artist is given a contract that is replete with verbose language and legalese, which, if signed without the guidance of counsel, can result in serious doom for the recording artist. In addition, it is not uncommon for some recording artists to sign their lives away because of their inability to “decode” the language in the contract, which are usually drafted by attorneys representing the interests of the record company.

If you are a someone in the music industry whose creative works need to be protected, I can help.

Registration of your musical composition with the Copyright Office.